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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: (2017 information)
Dues: $134/ Quarter
Working Capital: $90.00 (two months' dues, equivalent)
Transfer Fee: $100
Closing and Lender Forms can be found here.

Dues cover common area maintenance, taxes, and insurance.  Pool and playgrounds.  Management, tax filing, postage, and other administrative fees.

Closing attorneys: Please provide 5 days' notice for closings with PPM.  Closings must be quoted through PPM.

We greatly appreciate receiving contact information and e-mail addresses for new buyers upon closing so that we may provide welcome information and pool access more quickly.

Governing Documents:
Architectural Guidelines


Please advise all potential buyers to thoroughly review the Covenants and Architectural Guidelines before purchasing.  This will help prevent issues, such as a person buying a home with the intention of putting up a 6 foot fence or parking a commercial vehicle in the driveway or parking additional cars on the street.  There are rules and regulations in place (and enforced) in Churchill.  If your buyer has a question about something that may be allowed or disallowed, please contact us BEFORE closing to confirm the association's rules.

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